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Hunting Trophies

Birds and Small Mammals

Welcome to Borks Taxidermy ApS

We are proud to be a Danish owned and operated taxidermy workshop, led by owner Philip Bork. Located in Tranbjerg, Aarhus, we strive to deliver our expertise and dedication to everyone.
At Borks Taxidermy ApS, we do not compromise on the quality of our work. Our trophy conservation is carried out with care and professionalism and we guarantee that all work is carried out in our own workshop. We are proud that the entire process takes place in our own workshop, which ensures unrivaled quality in each individual project.
We understand the importance of high customer service and fast delivery times. When you trust us with your dream trophy, you can be sure that we prioritize your needs and expectations. We work purposefully to deliver your preserved trophies on time, without compromising on the quality of craftsmanship.
At Borks Taxidermy ApS, our workforce is exclusively Danish employees. We recognize the importance of maintaining good working conditions and ensuring that our team carries out each project with care and high professional skill. We have no cheap foreign labor here – only dedicated professionals to ensure your trophy conservation project is executed to perfection.
Thank you for choosing Borks Taxidermy ApS. We look forward to working with you and preserving your trophies with the highest quality and dedication that only a Danish taxidermy workshop can provide.
Contact us today and together we can preserve your hunting experiences for the future.

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  • Tingskoven 7a - 8310 Tranbjerg J


  • +45 53 53 46 29

  • moc.liamg%40nerotavresnok

  • CVR: 43 19 47 20

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Hunting Trophies

Birds and Small Mammals